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The Company

Welcome to maruti MMEX (Metro Maruti Express, Inc.) Website. You can become a corporate or individual user of this site.

In the year 1985 a company was incorporated with the name METRO TRAVEL AND CARGO at 4 metro cities of India with an initial capital of 15000 Rs., a view to serve by establishing a uniform distribution system all over India. Trust itself was its identity.

Pioneers of the company had a determination of reliability of services and satisfaction of customers, with the principle of hard work and determination to climb the peaks of success, create the new path in the trade of courier services.

Company introduced Hub and spoke system by establishing 7 Regional Offices as hub centers and Continued operations, became one of the leading courier companies in India in the year 1987.

Management was fully attentive towards development and appointed Regional Heads for business development and customer support.

All the Regional Authorities came under one roof and Company was registered as Pvt. Ltd. Company is registrar of Companies, Gujarat- under Companies act 1956.The company opened a number of new branches in almost all parts of India till 1990.

Established satellite centers at remotes locations of different states of India.

Entered into service contract with Indian Banks Association (IBA-Ahmedabad Local chapter) in the year 1993

On completion of 15 years, Company conveyed thanks to all their customers for their patronage and support in the year 1999.

With a view to have an open feedback (by judging the quality of services rendered to customers by inviting customers suggestions and having corrective measures by rectifying the same) we collected the reviews regarding quality of services from major clients. Company took all the necessary measures for rectification of the same.

The International services started in the name of Metro Maruti Express Inc.,USA


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